360 Manicure Stool

Our 360 Manicure Stool with 6 magnetic drawers is perfect for your nail salon, spa, etc. nail needs. The top features a soft cushion made with durable materials. This Stool has a 360-degree rotation with easy open drawers providing easy access to all your manicure equipment.


 6 Magnetic Drawers with Ample Storage, 4 Solid & 2 Translucent Drawers each will hold 25+ nail polishes

 Soft cushion top to sit while you perform a manicure

 6 wheels allowing a 360-degree turning capability with ease

Weight: 17.6lbs/7.9kg
Dimensions: 19.29”/49cm x 19.68”/50cm

The 360 Manicure Stool and solid color drawers are made with ABS plastics which has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and a strong shell. The translucent drawers are made from Polycarbonate plastic which is one of the strongest plastics you can find. Our Trolley is perfect for everyday use in a nail salon, Beauty Salon, Spa, or wherever yours needs arise. It has all your nail styling needs in one place.