Advance Shampoo Column

The Advance Shampoo Column is a stand-alone shampoo bowl with a sleek and stylish look. Our is perfect for your salon, barbershop, spa, etc. beauty needs. Our bowl comes in either Matte or Translucent, with different color combinations.

• Shampoo Bowl made of High Quality Polycarbonate Plastic
• Stain Resistant and easy to clean
• Individual Unit: Space saver
• Vacuum Breaker Optional

Weight: 23lbs/10.4kg
Dimensions: 21.65”/55cm x 23.62”/60cm x 39.37”/100cm

The Advance Shampoo Columns base is made of ABS plastic, and the bowl is made of Polycarbonate plastic, making it very durable and stain resistant. This stylish shampoo column will make out stand out from all the other salons. With the easy tilt feature giving you ease in hair washing and comfort for your client.