Bicolor Chair

Our Bicolor Chair is perfect for your Salon, Barbershop, or Spa. This chair is made of Polycarbonate plastic and features a soft cushion made with durable materials. Bicolor chair is the only one of its kind on the market. Stylish, sleek, and extremely comfortable. This chair has a 360-degree rotation with translucent sides. The chair comes in black or white and has the option of a translucent color sides panels.

• Comfortable yet extremely durable material
• Soft cushion top to sit while you get pampered
• Comes in star base or round base
• Has a hydraulic system to adjust height from 33” to 38.5”
• Comes with optional footrest

Weight: lbs/kg
Dimensions: 23”/58.42 x 24”/61cm x 33”/83.82 – 38.5”/97.8cm

The Bicolor is made with Polycarbonate plastics which has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and a strong shell. Our Stool is perfect for everyday use in a nail salon, Beauty Salon, Spa, or wherever yours needs arise. It has all your sitting and styling needs in one place.